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suri_cria_surisAbout 5% of alpacas are the suri sub-species. Suris have hanging, curled locks, like a Wensleydale sheep, which move like curtains blowing in the wind as they run across the paddock. They produce the most prized fleece, which is very smooth, silky and lustrous, with a ‘cool’ feel. Suris do very well in the British climate, but do need shelter from the heaviest rains, as their fibre parts along the middle of the backbone.

Suris have an undeserved reputation for being highly strung. This may partly be due to the fact that their top-knots grow and flop down over their eyes, and so they simply cannot see what is happening in the world about them. The instant their top-knots are trimmed they become far happier and much calmer.