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Thin Alpacas on Long Grass

Thin Alpacas on long grass – a timely warning

We heard a couple of reports some years ago of alpacas starving with grass all around them – one actually died of malnutrition!

We suggest that you body condition score your alpacas regularly to monitor if they are maintaining a healthy weight. Especially if you have long grass! You don’t want to get caught out! Keep records of the body condition scores so that you can compare easily.

Alpacas can feed from pasture all the year around, but if the grass is too long it may be difficult for them to eat it – so be prepared to top in summer if necessary. Topping works well if just done a strip at at time. The alpacas will come along and eat up the grass – and fresh nutritious shoots will start to grow.

The correct siting of water, feed troughs and shelter, is ideally on different sides of the paddocks, encouraging the animals to move around and achieve optimum grazing.