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Award-Winning Genetics for Sale

Please contact us with your requirements. We offer tremendous depth of quality across our entire herd and throughout the price range. We can’t be beaten on value for money, and offer discounts on quantity.

youngsters grp 4Getting Started: Are you looking for pet males? Alpacas as stock protectors? Thinking about starting up a fibre enterprise? Or planning to invest in a breeding group?
Are you new to alpacas? Looking for a lifestyle change?
Come on one of our Beginners’ Day Courses, where you will meet like-minded people, get hands-on, and learn enough to make an informed decision about your future with alpacas.

Moving on:
We have established highly sought-after pedigrees through several generations, both huacayas and suris, and in all colours. Please phone to discuss your requirements, and/or see us by appointment. Based on your own goals and budget we can assemble a group of alpacas which should be the most suitable for you, as well as offering the very best value for your investment. We will guide and support you all along the way of your exciting adventure with these wonderful animals.

Peace of Mind:

* Purchasers of Breeding Stock are given a copy of our 60-minute Alpaca Husbandry DVD ‘Keeping and Caring for Alpacas’ (retail price £65), and invited to spend as much time as they need on our farm, free of charge, learning everything about alpaca husbandry, paddock maintenance, fibre sorting etc.

* Every alpaca is microchipped at weaning with a unique microchip number, which identifies that alpaca on the British Alpaca Registry.

* Every breeding alpaca, male or female, is thoroughly inspected, and supplied with a Veterinary health certificate, which can also be used for insurance purposes.

* Pregnant females are sold with live birth (48 hours) guarantee within mainland UK, unless stated otherwise.

* Stud males are sold with fertility guarantee.

* Every alpaca is supplied with a complete medical history of applicable information: vaccinations, treatments, mating dates, crias born, etc.

* If you are not quite ready for your alpacas we can offer an agistment service.

Exporting to Europe:

We have experience exporting alpacas from the UK to Europe, e.g. Holland, France,  Belgium, Spain, Estonia, Norway and Switzerland.  We can organize the quarantine and testing of the alpacas and can apply for the export license; we can also organize the transport of the alpacas if required.  We need about 3 weeks in order to get the testing completed and paperwork in order. So, just 3 weeks after your selection and purchase, your alpacas can be on your farm anywhere in Europe.