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DVD-front-for-webDVD “Keeping & Caring for Alpacas”

The essential visual reference on every aspect of alpaca husbandry
Years of experience poured into 60 minutes!
Filmed at Bozedown Alpacas over a period of 2 years
Beautiful video photography by Augenblick Productions.

£65, including VAT

Easily accessible chapters on all the following topics:
Security – Shelter & Fencing
Paddock condition – Water troughs – Pasture Management, Maintenance & Rotation
Feeding & Supplements – Feeding space – Feed storage = Winter feeding – Body condition – Body scoring
General Health – Internal & External Parasites – Taking fecal samples – Coccidial disease – Mange mites
Care of Toe Nails – Giving Injections – Handling alpacas
Mating strategy
Parturition – Tying the tail – Vaginal preparation – Abnormal delivery – Post-parturiition
Feeding by intubation – Birth defects – Neonatal Care – Preventative medicine – Weaning
Identification – Keeping records

If you would like to purchase the DVD, please send a cheque made payable to Bozedown Alpacas Ltd., for £65  to Bozedown Alpacas, Hardwick Road, Whitchurch on Thames, RG8 7QY.

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