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Christmas 2017

December is weaning time at Bozedown, and after last year’s successful all-at-the-same-time-weaning, this year we have repeated that. The crias all had their second dose of vitamins A,D & E when they were weaned, weeks we shall do faecal testing again to make sure we can keep them clear of parasites, ….. (Read More)


This year’s crias are growing apace – some of them are already almost as big as their dams and really tucking into the Camelibra! We’re putting it down to the great body condition that the dams came out of last winter. Good condition, good birth weights, plenty of grass this year, plenty of milk. It […]

On the Farm August/September 2017

Iain finally got our hay cut in mid-July, and then had nice big round bales made. After that he and Ewan set to at cria shearing (just the huacayas which are at least 4 weeks old): it makes sure we have much cleaner fleeces when we shear them next year. Read more here 2017 August/September […]

On the Farm June/July 2017

As time goes on we are finding some more interesting results from our feed trials. In spring the grass took a long time to get going; then finally it did and there was lots; then in June the hot weather hit and everything dried up very quickly. However, in spite of the vagaries in the […]

On the Farm May 2017

It was jolly cold for shearing, starting on 19th April, but also the driest shearing ever. Being alongside the river Thames we have nearly always had damp fleeces in the mornings, although now we do suris first thing (as they tend to be drier generally) it’s not so bad. Then we would have had skirted […]

On the Farm April 2017

Most of our huacaya crias have beautiful clean fleeces ready for shearing. However, 8 of them were just too young when we did the cria shearing at the end of July last year, and their fleeces are now somewhat dirty and contaminated – such a shame. We highly recommend cria shearing any crias over 3 […]

On the Farm, March 2017

Preparation for Shows. Our halter training of the new weanling Show Team has been under way for about a month now.. Our trailers are already clean, with the wheels and brakes, lights and wiring checked, because they were used to transport Mary-Jo and Iain’s furniture into the new farmhouse – just in time for Amelia’s […]

On the farm, February 2017

The weanlings are coming along well. They had their next A,D&E drench at a the end of January. During the fine dry cold weather in January Mary-Jo was evaluating them. This is a really exciting time of year as we check through and evaluate all our crias’ fleeces, and reassure ourselves over their conformation. This […]

On the farm, December 2016

Weaning We decided to wean all 174 crias in one hit this year! In the past we have weaned about 40 at a time, but this year it made sense to us to try something different. Having all the crias weaned at the same time has simplified general management overall. We found there was quite […]

Alpaca Classic weekend September 2016

A good time was had by all…. Kicking off the 5th annual Alpaca Classic event with a great start on Friday evening, Brett Kaysen gave a talk ‘How EBV’s have led to progression in the cattle industry”, drawing in his audience in his inimitable style, and really making us think about how this would help […]