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On the farm, April 2017

Preparation for shearing
Most of our huacaya crias have beautiful clean fleeces ready for shearing. However, 8 of them were just too young when we did the cria shearing at the end of July last year, and their fleeces are now somewhat dirty and contaminated – such a shame. We highly recommend cria shearing any crias over 3 weeks old, which works well for us as most of our crias are born in May and June. The following year you will not only have clean fleeces for shearing, but you will also have youngsters with clean fleeces for showing.

In March the male weanlings were separated from the female weanlings, and all have been further separated into colour groups ready for shearing, for improved efficiency in the shearing barn. Also in March the barn was pressure washed, and now tarpaulins, sorting tables, poly bags for fleece, marker pens, small bags for fleece samples, and gaffer tape supplies are all assembled.

Shearing Days. Each year we publish our shearing dates on our website, and offer you an opportunity to spend a day with us and learn how to skirt, sort and grade  fibre. Also learn how to prepare a show fleece. Each day we aim to shear 70 – 80 alpacas.
This year the dates are: 18/19/20 April, 25/26/27/28 April, 2/3/4 May. The fleeces are all weighed and recorded as they come off the alpaca, and then each blanket is transferred to the sorting table where it is skirted, graded, bagged and labelled ready for sending to the mills.  All fleeces arrive at the sorting table with tag number and weight, this allows us to make lots of breeding decisions and to also gauge density in our fleeces. Show fleeces are prepared and labelled separately. This is all done on the day of shearing. We aim to show you just how straightforward it is to shear even this high number of alpacas. You will get hands-on experience with many different fleeces, and have a go at estimating the microns by eye, as we do. There is no charge, and lunch will be provided. Please contact Mary-Jo and book your day in advance.

BAS National Show
We were absolutely thrilled with the results achieved at the BAS National Show! We took 25 alpacas to the show, and achieved 17 First places! Add to that 3 Champions – White huacaya male, Light huacaya male and Grey huacaya male, then 6 Reserve Champions – Light huacaya male, White suri male, Black huacaya male, Light female huacaya, White female huacaya and Fawn female suri. After all that excitement Bozedown was then very well placed in the important Stud progeny classes, all with home bred studs: Bozedown Singapore came 1st in the Dark Suri Progeny; in the Light Huacaya Progeny class, Bozedown Ascendant was 1st, Bozedown Achilles 2nd and Bozedown Frisbee came 4th. Then Frisbee’s Dam Bozedown Charm came 1st in the Dam’s progeny class. A wonderful Show for us! And big congratulations to all our clients who had fantastic results as well at the BAS Show.

Heart of England Alpaca Fiesta
Well, after the excitement of the BAS National, it’s hard to describe how we felt when Bozedown’s Show results got even better at the Fiesta! By this time the weather had improved to be much drier, and so our alpacas’ fleeces were in tip-top condition, so perhaps that made the difference. We took a slightly different group of alpacas, only 20 this time, and were awarded Supreme Champion Huacaya – a Junior white male Bozedown Blaze of Glory, with incredible uniformity of micron throughout this fleece, from his topknot right down to his toes! The competition was intense and exciting with so many excellent alpacas in the show ring. In every huacaya section we entered we achieved Champion ribbons – 6 Champions and 1 Reserve Champion. Then 1 Champion and 3 Reserve Champions with our suris.  Overall, our 20 entries achieved 14 first places, 4 second places and 3 third places. Wow! Add to those the Sire’s Progeny winner, Bozedown Ascendant, and the Dam’s Progeny winner Bozedown Charm and you can just imagine the smiles on Mary-Jo and the Bozedown Team’s faces all the way home……Again, big congratulations to all our clients who also did well at the Fiesta.

Facebook. You can check out all our Champions from these 2 Shows on Bozedown Alpacas Facebook page, where you will find beautiful photos of them all back at the farm, where the cherry trees are flowering.

Featured Stud. This month it just has to be Bozedown Ascendant – Sire of the Fiesta Supreme Champion, and Sire’s Progeny winner at both of these premium shows: all 3 of the progeny in this class won Champion Ribbons and, even though these were in 3 different colour classes, white, light and fawn, the judge stated that he could not separate them on uniformity. Ascendant’s Pedigree is really powerful, with sire Jolimont Rodrigo of Bozedown, and maternal grandsire Galaxy of Bozedown – names that will live on in our Hall of Fame of cherished Sires; they have both contributed so much.
So, what does Ascendant offer? Superb conformation with rock-solid bone density, and truly dazzling brightness with abundance of fleece through both density and fleece length. Ascendant’s crias are truly inheriting that ‘wow‘ factor! Solid frames and extreme brightness. We are offering Ascendant’s Stud services again this year; and/or you can purchase terrific females pregnant to or sired by him. Ascendant is a Stud truly worthy to carry on his legendary progenitors’ pedigree lines.

N.B. Ascendant is only one of many wonderful Bozedown Studs – see our 2017 Stud Brochure pdf. Just click on it on our website and save onto your computer for ease of viewing.

Advance notice: The next Alpaca Classic Event will be held in September 2018.