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Stud Services

Welcome to Bozedown Alpaca Stud –  Astounding Genetics!

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thumb15Bozedown genetics are a must for any breeding programme. Every year we see overall improvement in our progeny through careful selective breeding. Share in our 26-year success story!

We offer World Class studs of our own Bozedown breeding – Supreme Champions, huacayas and suris, which are generally acclaimed by UK Show judges to be displaying some of the most advanced fleeces in the World. We also offer you a choice of outstanding established Huacaya and Suri Studs, Studs that are the bedrock of our selective breeding programme. Our Stud line-up includes Accoyo and Allianza Peruvian Studs, along with leading Australian and U.S. bloodlines.

We can show you progeny from all our established males. Viewing the progeny will reassure you that your Stud fees are being well spent with Bozedown.

We can advise you on how to optimise your own breeding programme, using our exceptional Stud Males, to help you achieve the best results in improving your own herd.

In addition to the Stud Males listed, we have other young stud males starting work every year, at very competitive fees. Just ask.

If you are looking for your own herdsire, we offer a tremendous selection of really excellent Studs for sale with outstanding Bozedown genetics. You can soon recoup your initial investment in saved stud fees.


We no longer offer on farm matings. Whether you decide to opt for drive-by matings or mobile matings, both parties benefit from increased biosecurity; PLUS, your cria stays at home to enjoy, instead of being away for at least 2 months. We are concerned to ensure the highest possible biosecurity for our own farm, while also being able to offer our clients peace of mind for their own alpacas’ health and farm biosecurity.

Drive-bys: All clients’ females visiting our farm are welcomed to a disinfected neutral area in a separate area of the farm, away from our paddocks and animals. Our studs are always kept in designated areas apart from our own females. Visitors are asked to be tested for receptivity prior to their visit. For those clients who do not have a suitable teaser male at home we can offer such males at wether prices.

Mobile Matings: We ask you to nominate a neutral area where we can set up our own pens and disinfected mats.

Mileage charge will depend on the number of Studs used and the distance travelled. We will keep this to a minimum. e.g. no charge up to 50 miles distance for 2 studs requiring 2 visits.


Stud Fees – Special Offers

Stud fee £800 – Group A                                                         Stud fee £700 – Group B

Special offer for extra savings – Group A. Purchase in advance 10 breedings for £4900 (£490) each.  Or 5 breedings for £2950 (£590 each).  Club together with friends for this offer!  This offer cannot be combined with the returning female special fees.

Special offer for extra savings – Group B. Purchase in advance 10 breedings for £4500 (£450) each.  Or 5 breedings for £2750 (£550 each).  Club together with friends for this offer!  This offer cannot be combined with the returning female special fees.

Combined Group A and Group B Special offer:
Purchase in advance 10 breedings for £4,700 (£470 each). This will entitle you to use 5 Stud Males from group A and 5 Stud males from Group B.

Ask us about prices for other combinations.

Pre-purchase can be shared with other breeders, and/or carried forward into future years.

Discounted stud fees.

We are always happy to offer discounts for 2 or more females, and returning Bozedown females. Please phone to discuss your requirements.


Terms and Conditions for Stud Services

Bozedown Alpacas guarantee a live cria on the ground (48hours) or a free return to service for UK Mainland clients.  This applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

A live cria guarantee will be honoured after a post mortem certificate signed by a veterinarian proves that the death was not due to negligence.

Stud fee and live cria cannot be honoured in the event of the death of the female.

Females should have no more than 12 months fibre growth.

Payment due at time of mating or prior.