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We are a family enterprise with a wholehearted enthusiasm for the alpacas we breed and sell, and always keen to share our 29 years expertise. We can help you make the right choices for your alpaca experience, from pets to reliable breeding stock; then we offer support, training and legendary stud services: whatever you may need.  You are welcome to visit without obligation.

The truly exceptional Bozedown Pedigrees have been built upon a solid foundation of World Class Bloodstock, carefully selected by ourselves from Peru, Australia and USA. Bozedown genetics have produced a phenomenal number of Champion Huacayas and Suris ever since 1989 both for ourselves and for our clients  Thus Bozedown pedigrees offer genuine value for money. With more than 700 Alpacas, including over 100 suris, we are able to offer exciting new bloodlines from a broad genetic base. You are welcome to visit without obligation.

Throughout the year we host a number of Alpaca training courses, BAS Judge training courses, school visits and other events. If you are a new or aspiring Alpaca owner, we invite you to come along to a Beginners Day and discover the basics of husbandry, shearing, fibre, nutrition, investment and much more. We also offer comprehensive husbandry and handling courses, fleece sorting and grading and other specialist courses from time to time.

The alpacas at Bozedown are well-handled, and relaxed with humans. We use the kind and efficient Tellington TTouch method of training and handling, so that most of our young stock is trained to halter each year.

On our website you will find lots of interesting information, and we hope you enjoy the ‘News’ section.

Visit our Alpacas for Sale page. There you will find highest quality alpacas ranging from reliable pregnant females and exciting stud males to gorgeous pet males and stock protectors.