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Alpacas for sale at Bozedown Alpacas

Alpacas at Bozedown Alpacas

We Supply Pregnant females – Stud males – Pet males – Young stock – Companion females alpacas for sale.

Breeding females We offer a selection of truly excellent pregnant females for sale in the UK.  Our females are mated to Bozedown herdsires, which are regularly producing prizewinning offspring.

Stud Males Each year we select only the most promising of our male crias and monitor their development into young adults to ensure that they will carry on the Bozedown breeding ethos of improvement. So you can be assured that when you select your Stud male from Bozedown, you will be proud of him and his progeny.

Pet Males Attractive, fascinating, intelligent alpacas as pasture pets! Gelded males (or wethers) are reasonably priced option for the small acreage, when breeding is not your aim. They are extremely versatile. The UK’s answer to protecting sheep and/or chickens against foxes; great companions for females, studs and weanling groups; wonderful fibre producers.

Livery You can invest in alpacas, and have them fully managed, with all the advantages of a very experienced team looking after them, with access to top flight UK Stud males. We supply pure Peruvian alpacas to UK and EU breeders. We have personally made several selections from Peru since 1998, importing always with our successful selective breeding programme in mind, thus selecting only the very best quality available. We have additionally made small selections from Canada, Australia and The United States. Search our Sales list using the search tool on this page. Alternatively, you can go straight to a selection of Females, Stud MalesPet Males, or Packages. If you can’t find what you want, just give us a call or email us.

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